Rachel Nix, Poetry Editor

goose colorRachel has a mild Alabama twang and a penchant for going everywhere that is not The South. That is to say: she wants to sleep on your couch, but only after a proper coffee-date and a nerd-out session on 90s bands. She doesn’t think you can ever really know someone if you’ve never heard them hum Smells Like Teen Spirit. She’d also like to be one of those people who loses count over how many times she’s seen Pearl Jam live; the count is currently 5, so those guys need to tour more. Patience is something Rachel doesn’t comprehend. On the plus side: she has 2 dogs, a cat, a handsome nephew, and several unfinished notebooks to entertain her while she waits.

She maybe possibly has a mild obsession with tattoos and is plotting her next one and the one after that. Rachel won’t admit she’s officially in the 30+ crowd, so ya know, be polite and ask for her ID if she wants a drink.

Hot sauce is important. Rachel wants that to be the only thing people know as an eternal truth.

Rachel DoggieShe has loved poetry for as long as she can remember and was largely inspired to write by her grandmother, Rachel Woodard, who didn’t write poetry or read it. You’d just have to have met the woman to understand. Anyhow, she can’t stay away from it and is working on her first book, that happens to be without a title, precise theme, and only has about seven pages. Time isn’t a plentiful thing for her, so expect it to take her a while.

Rachel’s work has appeared at Up the Staircase Quarterly, Melancholy Hyperbole, Words Dance, and most recently at Rust + Moth. She was nominated for Best New Poets – 2015, and received Honorable Mentions for Best of the Net – 2015. You can follow her on her poorly kept blog at: chasingthegrey.com or on Twitter as @rachelnix_poet.


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