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Issue #27 – Joy Sticks

Joy is elusive, sudden, unexpected, gradual, and sometimes grotesque. The week after my mom’s death, I remember a hideous joy on the fifth day at 3:47 pm when the sun burned my shoulders and all the world—the dogwoods, the warm pavement, the mockingbirds near the porch—was implicated in her presence. I could feel her laughing, smell her apple-tinged perfume, watch the red of her hair burn their way across the yard. Just one single minute of exuberant impossible and then back to the banality of living lies, telling others I was fine, negotiating the absurdity of death and imagining someone could be erased, gone, eternally absent. Joy is so many flavors of awe. There are joys we fondle—memories we pick up and unspool in private. There are public joys—a friend’s description of holding her girlfriend’s hand for the first time on a public playground, the relentless joy of a gay pride parade. And yet, despite countless publications that swear to deliver it if you put your knees over your head and eat only almonds, there is no formula for joy on this planet. By its nature, joy is unsustainable, untenable, hard to hold, impossible to coerce. What surprise is lovelier than joy? So give us your public joys, your private joys, your foolish fondles. Give us your transient, shameless, vulnerable, wimped-out absurdities. Give us the harrows of joy, its horrors. Give us your smallest joys, your childhood joys, your most monumental. Give us the elusive object that lacks a template. We can’t wait to read it. However it looks. However it haunts. Whatever it touches. Submissions due 9/14/18. Guest Editor Alina Stefanescu. Issue live 10/31/18.


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HCR Flash Around the Campfire CompetitionHobo Camp Review is a tucked-away place where any writer, poet, artist, or storyteller can rest their weary feet and share a tale over a crackling fire. Travelers and transients of all backgrounds and styles are welcomed, but your story doesn’t have to be about the road or traveling (although we do love that). It can be about anything at all, so long as it has a sense of vagrancy, a little sparkle and a little dust, shadows and angles, something that sounds good by the firelight with a train calling in the distance. Our next issue will come out in autumn and will feature our one-time contest, the HCR Flash Around the Campfire Competition, open to any flash fiction (we’ll also include narrative poetry) under 1,000 words, and the shorter the better. All the usual guidelines apply, with no fee, and there will be a special judge (TBA) who will award $25 and a free book or two from our knapsack to the lucky scribe. Submission window closes on Labor Day, 9/3/2018. For more information, visit

Diagnosed a Woman Vol. 1: Writers Challenge the Gender-Biased Heathcare Systemseeks poetry and short non-fiction pieces from women who have directly experienced difficulty with getting their healthcare needs met based on their gender. Previously published works are OK. No male writers this time around please. This first volume focuses on frustration; a second volume is planned for female writers to talk about practitioners who fought for them and treatments that worked. Guidelines: Short bio plus 1-3 poems, 40 lines max each, or non-fiction pieces 5,000 words max. Rolling deadline. For more information and submissions contact editor April Matos,

The WardrobeSundress reads submissions of full-length books and chapbooks from female and nonbinary authors year-round. Each week our rotating curators, including Sundress editors and authors, choose one book to highlight as part of our “Best Dressed” series. These highlights include five selections from each book, which are featured daily on the Sundress blog and shared through our social media sites. Authors or publishers of books published in the past twelve months may submit to The Wardrobe. To do so, please forward an electronic copy of the book (PDFs preferred), author bio, photo of the cover, and a link to the publisher’s website to In addition, we request that one print copy be mailed to Sundress Academy for the Arts, ATTN: The Wardrobe, 195 Tobby Hollow Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931. Submissions to The Wardrobe will remain eligible for this “Best Dressed” selection for one year. Hard copies will become a permanent part of the Sundress Academy for the Arts library and be made available for review by our editors and/or affiliate journals. For the complete details and rules, please see the Wardrobe website at:


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Pretty Owl PoetryPretty Owl Poetry is open year-round for submissions of poetry, fiction, and art. Pretty Owl Poetry is an online quarterly journal that publishes new, emerging, and established writers in poetry, fiction, and the visual arts. We support all approaches to writing, be it collaborative or individual. We’re interested in experimental and traditional forms and flash fiction masquerading as poetry, all with a lyrical quality. Please submit all work through our submissions manager, which can be found on our website: rougeagentRogue Agent wants your skin, your liver, your viscera. If our bodies are oppressed by an outside force, we are “written over.” Rogue Agent wants to retaliate. Rogue Agent wants reconciliation. Rogue Agent wants to share your stories about the poem that is the body. Open year-round, RA strives to publish a range of poetic styles and forms in its monthly issues. For submission guidelines, please visit: stirringFounded in 1999, Stirring: A Literary Collection is one of the oldest continuously publishing journals on the internet. We like to see all types of creative work. We enjoy short poems, long poems, flash fiction, memoirs, form, prose, narrative, lyrical, etc. Stirring is a journal with several editors who all bring their individual input on each issue. The joy of Stirring is how many different opinions we have. Stirring is a strictly electronic journal that publishes monthly issues on the first of each month. Further submission information can be found at: wickedalicemain Founded in 2001, wicked alice is an online journal dedicated to women-centered writing and art. Published under the auspices of dancing girl press & studio and a member of Sundress Publications, the journal seeks to publish work that is fresh, innovative & exciting in a number of creative genres, including poetry, fiction, essays, visual art, multimedia, & hybrid works. Full guidelines can be found at