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Issue #23 – Up Yours!

“I used to be kind. It didn’t last long.” —Yevgeny Yevtushenko

We’re looking for your anger. Any kind of anger in response to any lingering injury—of growing up timid and scared in your parents’ house, being quietly dehumanized by the woman behind you in the grocery store calling you dirty because you aren’t white like she is, being handed a Whole Foods bag of your shit on your way out the door after they’ve broke your heart, the political climate burning holes in your sense of security, the times you said no and he didn’t listen, learning how of how little you belong to a person or a group or a country and how quickly they reminded you of your unbelonging.

In cahoodaloodaling’s 2017 spring Up Yours! issue, we are accepting all mediums of exactly how furious you are. We want your poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, and your visual and audio art. We don’t ask for bougie, intolerant politics, ugly rants about your hatred of women, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, your ableist agenda, or the easy pettiness of privilege.

We want the anger that dug itself deep and you feel like no one wants to hear. Have you been dragged to the dirt? Do you still own the scalpels someone used to dissect you? Do you dream of the faces of the monsters who made you feel powerless? We want your bloody noses, your black eyes, and the barbed wire fences you constructed as your body healed and your blood boiled. Give us your lost things and the anger that filled those vacant spaces.

We are more than willing to publish anonymously.

Submissions due 3/18/17. Guest Editor Hannah Hamilton. Issue live 4/30/17.


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Up the Staircase Quarterly is seeking poetry in audio or video formats for their Summer 2017 issue, AudioVisual. Send protest/resist poems, poems on immigration, race, gender, or responses to current events. UtSQ is especially looking for work from persons with disabilities, writers of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized voices. Submissions due 6/15/17 through their submissions manager.

Sundress Publications wants your exceptional, non-featured AWP panels! We are seeking a wide variety of perspectives on topics such as publication, graduate school, craft, and more. Our goal is to showcase these panels by hosting roundtable discussions on our official blog. We believe in fostering conversations that inspire, educate, and engage with the writing community in substantial ways. In 2016, our annual roundtable discussion event reached a wide audience, and we are excited to continue and expand upon those discussions with the submissions we feature this year. We value the hard work you put into your panels, and we hope you consider sharing your dedication and expertise with us. Submissions are rolling. Download the press release for more information.

Melancholy Hyperbole is now open for book review queries.

The Afterlife of Discarded Objectsa digital collective storytelling project that curates and archives memories about playing with, collecting, preserving, or making art from what we might label as trash, waste, or unwanted itemsis looking for nonfiction narratives, personal essay/memoir, diary entries, short stories. Contributions can be of any length from a brief recollection (either from childhood or adulthood) of your experience with and memories about a particular object or collection of objects (simply an “I remember when…” kind of entry) to a lengthier piece that takes the shape of an essay or story. Currently no submission deadline. More information at


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