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Issue #28 – Witness

What does it mean to witness? To see and not turn away, to hear and actually listen. Artists are society’s mirror—we witness and show that image back, without frills or sugar or wool over the eyes. We see and speak, we make revolution on our pages and canvases and photographs and in our songs. In my own work, I take my role of witness and activist very seriously—my words are all working to tell the truth, to open the world bit by bit. When I write about Sally Hemings, I’m witnessing her tragic American story—I witness her humanity and the way her master saw her as an object. I witness the way my Black womanhood was made possible by hers, the way it is informed by her. The way this country sees her differently than I do. When I write about the murder of Black people in this country, I witness the failings of our criminal justice system, the failings of our ideas of “progress” and the myth of post-racialism. I witness my own body as a target in this room, any room. When I write about my grandmothers, my mother, my aunts, my sisters, I’m witnessing Black womanhood and its beauty—I celebrate what I see. I put that celebration in front of you and dare you not to celebrate, too. This is the work I want to publish in this issue of cahoodaloodaling—work that witnesses, that challenges convention, that tells the truth. Submissions due 1/12/19. Guest Editor Ashley M. Jones. Issue live 2/28/19.


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Diagnosed a Woman Vol. 1: Writers Challenge the Gender-Biased Heathcare Systemseeks poetry and short non-fiction pieces from women who have directly experienced difficulty with getting their healthcare needs met based on their gender. Previously published works are OK. No male writers this time around please. This first volume focuses on frustration; a second volume is planned for female writers to talk about practitioners who fought for them and treatments that worked. Guidelines: Short bio plus 1-3 poems, 40 lines max each, or non-fiction pieces 5,000 words max. Rolling deadline. For more information and submissions contact editor April Matos,

The WardrobeSundress reads submissions of full-length books and chapbooks from female and nonbinary authors year-round. Each week our rotating curators, including Sundress editors and authors, choose one book to highlight as part of our “Best Dressed” series. These highlights include five selections from each book, which are featured daily on the Sundress blog and shared through our social media sites. Authors or publishers of books published in the past twelve months may submit to The Wardrobe. To do so, please forward an electronic copy of the book (PDFs preferred), author bio, photo of the cover, and a link to the publisher’s website to In addition, we request that one print copy be mailed to Sundress Academy for the Arts, ATTN: The Wardrobe, 195 Tobby Hollow Lane, Knoxville, TN 37931. Submissions to The Wardrobe will remain eligible for this “Best Dressed” selection for one year. Hard copies will become a permanent part of the Sundress Academy for the Arts library and be made available for review by our editors and/or affiliate journals. For the complete details and rules, please see the Wardrobe website at:


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