Anastasia Olashaya-Grill, Former Fiction/Nonfiction Editor

Stasia & Fiance Adam

Stasia & Fiancé Adam

Transplanted from Hemet, California, to Des Moines, Iowa, at a young age (with a brief stop in Rapid City, South Dakota), Anastasia Olashaya-Grill spent more of her childhood dreaming and playing music than she did writing. However, between her mother’s own love of the written word and a growing wonder and curiosity with video games, Anastasia delved into the world of words in a way she never had by writing her first novella at age twelve. (The novella has not since survived.)

Since she graduated Drake University with a B.A. in Writing and a Minor in Film Studies, her time has been spent writing her first novel of a long-planned series titled Pinion as well as working on the webcomic she writes and co-created with artist Sarah J Obomsawin named Ever Night. She also writes for Kaboooom! magazine; founded and writes a geeky blog with her Australian fiancé called Geekery Beat; and has an as-yet-to-be-launched webcomic with aforementioned fiancé named Theta. She has been employed twice as an editor for college friend and writer Nate Granzow for his Cogar’s Adventure series of books. She also writes for two newsletters for her workplace including acting editor-in-chief of one of them. Her current job has nothing to do with writing, sadly.

In short, she has worked to learn herself and carve out a space of her own. She owns many domain names thanks to this. MANY.



Often imitated but never duplicated, Anastasia currently lives in Des Moines in a rented room of her childhood home with two laptops, many dreams, an elder tortoiseshell silver tabby name Tiger, an energetic two-year-old border collie named Rhett, and a growing stack of both video games and books that vie for her attention. Last time she submitted something, Glimmer Train gave her an honorable mention for their January 2012 Very Short Fiction Contest. That was pretty cool.

Her personal creed has become Sic Parvis Magna which means translated literally means “thus great things from small things (come)”, but she prefers the Uncharted series’s take on it: “Greatness from small beginnings.”

(Journeys. Single step. Thousand miles. Etc.)


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