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Prompt #10 – Inspired by the Artist


Submissions due September 16th

For our 10th issue, we want great writing inspired by other great (although perhaps unknown) art. Did another poem inspire you to write something? Did a photograph inspire a short story? If it’s a famous piece of work, say Van Gogh, make sure you include the picture for us, otherwise, please give us a description of the work. Other “inspirations” can include a song or album (send us a quote!), or perhaps it’s an artist’s life or style that inspired you.

Please review our submission guidelines. Also, for each submission, please let us know a little more about it. Consider: How did this work inspire you? Where were you? What did you want to demonstrate? Maybe it was a poem you’d wanted to write forever; perhaps it was a short story that was inspired after the 103rd time you’d heard that song on the radio.

Here are some of our favorite examples:

Taking Off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes by Billy Collins
Love by Heather Bell
Why I Am Not a Painter by Frank O’Hara
Jack London by Red Shuttleworth (“Look Inside” Page 28)

We look forward to your poetry and prose!


Also, we are still taking submissions for our collaborative contest.  Check it out!

$50.00 first place prize, no entrance fee.