Bike Nation by Dragos Ioneanu


Dragos IoneanuDragos Ioneanu was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1980 and has lived in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2010. This coincides more or less with the moment when he discovered the wonderful craft of photography. Dragos embraces various style and topics: fine art photography with architecture and landscape as main subjects with a focus on vision and altered reality and street/documentary photography for its role to show the life as it is. He has been awarded at major photography competitions (International Photography Award (IPA) , Prix de Photographie – Paris, Sony Photography Awards, International Fine Art Photography Award). He has had portfolio features, articles, interviews and images published in: Adore Noire Magazine, Photo4All Magazine, Dodho Magazine, Stark Magazine, Camerapixio, Lens Folio books, and the OnOne Collection charity book. Find him on his website or his street photography blog.


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One thought on “Bike Nation by Dragos Ioneanu

  1. Mr. D

    I have also wondered why photographers choose black and white versus color or vice versa. I would love to know why black and whites were chosen for these photos. I would love to know the color of that grass and the color chosen for the pictures on that wall mural.


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