2017 Best of the Net Nominations

Congratulations to our nominations for
Best of the Net!

The Comrade” by Kathleen McClung

The Mermaids” by Erinn Batykefer

This Is a Serious Consideration” by Megan Merchant

All-American Roommate” by M. Wright

L’aurore” by Meg Drummond-Wilson

She Called Me a Dirty Jew” by Phyllis Wax

I Curse Because” by Wang Ping

To Gorgeous, From Sis” by Chuck Nwoke

For information on the Best of the Net anthology, visit Sundress Publications.

One thought on “2017 Best of the Net Nominations

  1. Tony Press

    I’ve only read Kathleen McClung’s so far — I will be reading the rest, I assure you — but wow! “The Comrade” is absolutely stunning. Good choice. Excellent choice.


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