cahoodaloodaling joins Sundress’s Family of Journals!

In 2012 when we founded cahoodaloodaling as a space for artists to express themselves without boundaries, to transcend the idea of a “poem” and simply create, we were reading a lot of similarly themed pieces scattered around the net at different journals and thought, Hey, why not have that in one place, and connect these pieces through themed issues? Small and limited at first, we worked to expand our platform, establish our family, and open our doors to all artistic forms.


We are thrilled to announce that this holiday season cahoodaloodaling will be celebrating with our new extended family as part of Sundress Publications! 2015 was a big year for Sundress and we’re excited to be a part of it. Based out of Knoxville, TN, Sundress Publications is now home to several imprints, including the newly launched Agape Editions which celebrates works that embrace the mythical, Sundress Kids (you guessed it!), and Doubleback Books which rescues out-of-print books and returns them to print. Of course, we can’t forget Flaming Giblet Press, about to celebrate its 10th year of publishing experimental work which “pushes the boundaries of crucial” nor Sundress hosting its first full-length open reading period.

But you probably want to hear about our sister journals. Stirring: A Literary Collection, founded by Sundress Publications president Erin Elizabeth Smith in 1999, is one of the longest continually publishing online journals. Another sister, Wicked Alice, explores the female experience (all genders welcome!) while Rogue Agent investigates the experiences of the human body and Pretty Owl Poetry brings poetry to a live audience with their Spotlight Series.

As always, cahoodaloodaling will continue to invite unique writing, embrace hybrid and multimedia work, and celebrate collaboration.

A true family never stops growing, so from our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

Kate Hammerich & Raquel Thorne
Founding Editors



Find out more about Sundress’s other projects and Sundress Academy for the Arts at

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