In Cahoots Contest

We at cahoodaloodaling acknowledge the hurdles impeding accessibility to many awards in our creative community. As an extension of our triannual fee-free issue submissions, our In Cahoots Contest presents an annual cash award to one creative collaboration each fall as part of a special issue of collaborative work. Established in our second year as part of our mission to celebrate the extraordinary and often unsung relationships developed between two creatives, the prize is presented by two judges who regularly collaborate as creatives in their own work. Awarded in 2013, 2014, 2015, and returns this fall in 2019.

This year’s $150 cash prize is sponsored by

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We are currently working on reopening our In Cahoots Contest. In the meantime, we are closed to normal submissions but remain open to articles, interviews, reviews, essays, visual and audio arts, and collaborations.


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