“Inspired by the Artist” Contributing Editor Announcement

To submit, please read our current prompt page and submission guideline page.  Submissions due September 16th.

Kate and I are happy to announce that our contributing editor for Issue#10 – Inspired by the Artist – will be Jessica Lindsay!  We would have shared the good news with you earlier, but we were too busy meeting up in IL doing this and this:


Raquel & Kate


Kate & Raquel













And generally doing no editing at all.


Mighty Jess

Jessica Lindsay began poetry the same way she began photography: when someone told her “Hey, you’re pretty good.” Of course, “pretty good” is seventh grade was actually morbidly bad, and it wasn’t until her junior year of high school that she realized that poetry could be something more than teenage angst. So her poetry turned more into snapshots of her life, and when her interest in photography grew, her writing hit a rather large block that she constantly struggles to get through. Well, that and inner peace doesn’t really give an emotional writer much to work with.

To date, all of her favorite poems happen to be the ones about her very dysfunctional family. Figures. She is currently trying to write a novel, but that is forever a work in progress simply because she always wants to skip to the “good stuff”.

She is very shy about people in her life reading her poetry, so it can only be found on Jessicaconk.deviantart.com. She was once published in her community college’s lit mag and got honorable mention for a horrible story back in eighth grade.


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