Self Portrait by Jay Jenkins

I was born and bred
in the south.
I claim no other lands.

From here to Kentucky
I’ll make my bed
and you can keep
the rest.

I spend my time
around a grill.
I can cook
in true southern fashion:

underneath the open sky
with a cold beer
in my hand.

I started life with almost nothing,
so I appreciate
all I have.

Simple things
suit me fine.
Though it wasn’t always
this way.

I came up hard
on city streets;
The land of broken knuckles
and gunfire.

I pushed myself
beyond the brink
and now it seems
I’m tired.

I feel as if
I’ve lived a lifetime
or two
at the age of only
thirty eight.

Now all I want
is a little peace and quiet,

just a little

So this is my self portrait.
I sincerely hope
you can all relate.

While I ease myself
into this chair
and forget about
the day.

Jay Jenkins (not pictured). Jay’s a middle aged white boy with a past, present, and god willing a future. He’s lived hard and fast most of his life and now it seems he’s tired. Works for a living and plays on the weekends, like many others we suppose. He enjoys Nascar, beer, BBQ, and Bourbon, but not necessarily in that order; loves punk rock, Rip Hop, and Reggae music and doesn’t do much without it; likes tattoos, the bar scene, and night life in general (though it’s hard on him sometimes). Jay tries not to cause problems for anyone and hates drama. He’s a fairly simple guy. As for writing, Jay only discovered his interest a few years ago. Most of his writing is in some form or another based on real life experience, which may be due in part to a lack of imagination. He also uses it as a kind of therapy to keep my demons away and even though it doesn’t always work, he finds it comforting.

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