Issue #10 Editor’s Note

Dear cahoodaloodalers:

Over the last ten issues, cahoodaloodaling has gone from a  very small online press to surviving past its first year – a feat for a small press, many of which do not last long out here on the internet. As we’ve grown, we’ve gone from receiving primarily submissions from yet unpublished poets to having a mailbox of submissions from both fledgling poets and veterans.  It has been incredibly exciting for us watching our readership and amount of submissions grow; however, that has made our job harder. There were submissions we loved, but could not include in this issue. So let us know what you think. Or, better yet, leave the author some feedback in our comments.

Submissions will be closed until November/December as our next issue will be dedicated to our In Cahoots Contest winner and runner-ups. In the meantime, tell us what YOU want to see as prompts up at cahoodaloodaling – right now we are considering “Where I’m From” and a special “Prose Only” issue as future possibilities.

Raquel Thorne