Issue #12 Editor’s Note

Dear cahoodaloodalers,

Welcome to our first issue on our new site. For those of you who have been previously following up by email, please resign up using the “follow” tool at the bottom right of your screen to continue to receive posts by email if you haven’t already.

In a true collaborative spirit, my friends at Scriptmonkeys for not only taking over hosting cahoodaloodaling, but for contributing hours of their time and expertise to take us from this:
old cahoodaloodaling

To the fresh new look and formatting we’re showcasing our contributors in now.

Over several weeks, they’ve expanded our vision to streamline our front page and give each contributor their own page from the humble beginnings of my notebook scribbles and commissioned header to not only transform our readers’ current experience, but to also retrofit cahoodaloodaling‘s past issues. So please, after you finish experiencing The Repeat Review, check out our new “Issue” page to read through our republished issues.

Meanwhile, outside of the virtual world, our poetry editor Rachel Nix hosted our guest editor Natalie Easton out in ‘Bama. While I was am jealous, it was rather fitting that they got to meet up for the first time after working so hard on the poetry submissions earlier this month.

Lastly, a quick note on Kira Ciupek’s “Andromeda” from last issue, a playful piece. A little too playful, it seems, for my word processor which misinterpreted some of her formatting. A comical error (and thank you Kira for your kind understanding), as her piece was about problems with “forms;” we, too, had a “form” issue in the section below:
Kira Ciupek - FormThe “symbols” in her version read: Feed Me instead of the symbols we published. Kira and I decided to leave it as was, but for the record, “Son of a biscuit!”

We hope you enjoy the new issue.

Raquel Thorne