Issue #16 – He Said/She Said

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Guest Editor Spotlight

The Dinner Was Lovely
by Adam Rodenberger

Art, Poetry, & Literature

Goa & Interview
by Ricardo Porto

Amelia Earhart Leaves Her Husband
by Krista Cox

Cinderella Snubs a Handout
by Elizabeth Johnston

The Cactus on the Acropolis
by Fred Zirm

A Place to Turn Around
by William Auten

Waltz Trio
by Tarkan Şendal

by John Sokol

I Listen to a Woman Read a Poem about HIV…
by Linda Blaskey

Miss Deepfreeze 1953
by Ann Cefola

Self-Censorship & Crosswords
by Dimitri Dimov

by Laura Schmidt

You Probably Think This Poem Is about You
by Tovah Leah Green

Losing Faith
by Kimberly Emilia

by Thomas Schoenberger

Before the Movie
by Liz Purvis

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Kate Garrett of Pankhearst & three drops from a cauldron

Book Reviews

About Our Guest Editor

Paul BeckmanPaul Beckman has had over 200 stories published online, in print and via audio and video. In 2014 he won the honorable mention prize for his flash fiction story in Ascent Aspirations. He’s had one collection of stories, two chapbooks, plus a novella published and in 2015 will have his collection of flash fiction, “Peek”, published by Big Table Publishing.

His stories have appeared in many anthologies and magazines such as: Metazen, Thrice Fiction, Connecticut Review, The Boston Literary Magazine, Pure Slush, cahoodaloodaling, Playboy, The Brooklyner, and Connotation Press amongst others. He can be read and reached at his published story website


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