Baby by Cameron Sidhe

Is there anything sacred?
Anything left sacred for me?
My hollow corndoll body, hull
of husk and the artillery fire
of hands shellfish limp whipcrack-

(he smacks because he knows not
what love is, knows not how
to gentle; and he fucks because
forget the unforgiven-!)

It makes me kill-hungry,
organs wolf-shot crazy legs.
And no ones miles at me, baby,
baby picked the wire monkey mother.
And I want quiet and a new womb
to crawl into and miscarry.

It was rape- it WAS rape –
and all of you are implicated.

Cameon Sídhe

Cameron Sídhe is a transgender poet from Chicago, studying English and Classics at University of Illinois-Chicago. Id draws inspiration from eius experiences as a trans person, sexual assault and domestic abuse survivor, and objectum-sexual, as well as from living in one of America’s most vibrantand democratic cities. Id currently works at a sexual assault counseling center, creating training material to educate others about the issue of sexualassault, with a special focus on the LGBT community. Cameron has been published in Bewildering Stories webzine and is a recipient of the Mariner Award and the Paul Carroll Award for Creative Writing.

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