I Always Hated Liver by Catfish McDaris

Got my lady a digital camera
for Xmas, she said she wanted
to become an avante garde
photographer, I thought cool
She dressed up the cats
& arranged fruit & lingerie,
then she wanted me to pose
Nude with & without an erection,
so I did, then she wanted me to
blow smoke rings & with a cigar
& catch them with a dick thrust
The more I did, the more she
required, she wanted to shove
a lit stogey up my ass, like I was
smoking from the wrong hole
Finally I drew the line when she
wanted me to get naked in the tub
& she’d shave my complete scrotal
area & have me spank my monkey
with a huge piece of bloody beef liver.

Catfish McDaris (not pictured). My most infamous chapbook is Prying with Jack Micheline and Charles Bukowski. My best readings were in Paris at the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore and with Jimmy”the ghost of Hendrix”Spencer in NYC on 42nd St. I’ve done over 20 chaps in the last 20 years. I’ve been in the New York Quarterly, Slipstream, Pearl, Main St. Rag, Café Review, Chiron Review, Zen Tattoo, Wormwood Review, and been nominated for 15 Pushcarts, Best of Net, I won the Uprising Award in 1999, and won the Flash Fiction Contest judged by the U.S. Poet Laureate in 2009. I love cats better than dogs, I miss the New Mexican Mountains, but love the green of Wisconsin. I retired after 34 years at the Main Milwaukee Post Office. I’m married to a beautiful Mexican lady & we have daughter with a tree climbing dog.

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