I Swear by Laura Taylor

Alphabetic gang fight
offends with every twist
of this liberated tongue

My organ will defy,
decline your regimental
right and wrong;
inclined to lick around
all the edges of the words
that you label as ‘profane’

Likes to spit out sonics
thick with breaches
of vernacular
not integral to its means

Loves the kick of fuck on teeth,
the sibilance of pissing,
can curl a prudish lip
which will never feel the joy
of a cunt upon the tongue,
or the diction of a prick

This ‘vulgarity’?
Profanity is what you see
Dirty words are what you hear
Allow yourself to take offense;
enraged at one arrangement
of our common written signs

My organ of delight is
designed to lick around
all the edges of all words,
not to tick your boxes of
allowed and disallowed

Whose mouth is this anyway?

Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor has been writing and performing poetry since September 2010, and has finally found a space in which to air her grievances with Authority, other than her own soapbox. She is a proud Northerner, social misfit, and all-round shirker who enjoys thinking far more than doing. Laura has been placed as runner-up in national and international poetry competitions, and published in Best of Manchester Poets Vol 2, Incandescent Poetry Vol 1 (and 2 upcoming), Haunted Waters Press (upcoming), Feathertale’s Big Book of Exquisitely Egregious Poetry and Diverse Versification and So Forth and Such, Dog Ear, Leeds Debacle Magazine, and Redfez.net.

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