I Want to Love You by John Tustin

I want to love you
Beginning with my hand on your abdomen;
I touch you from behind,
My middle softly coming into you
From my darkness into your light.
Your body becomes my body
Our body
As you turn to me
And our lips touch crookedly,
We twist ballerina bodies
Into glorious incongruousness.
I hold you like a glass
And you grasp me as if
I am a rope and
You are falling.

You are falling
And I am falling with you
And we are shimmering
And the night is blue stars
As we are becoming one
With our hearts in transparency
And our bodies in waxy flux.
Your mouth tastes like an open orchid,
Your neck is resigned to being bitten,
Your nipples pulled.
Our eyes are bright and fierce
As we become each other
In a furious tangle
In a chaotic confluence
Of slick forceful tenderness.

Your words exist; living in the thick air,
I hold them to my ear like a conch shell
And then I whisper
I love you’s directly into
Your mouth.
You eat me up,
You abscond with my soul,
Carnivorous butterfly,
Greedy saint,
You devour me
As I smile my small and foolish smile.

I want to love you,
Right now, this moment,
Because I think I finally
Know how
And also because
I have to
And also because
I do.

Cahoodaloodaling - John TustinJohn Tustin is the divorced father of two perfect children. He graduated from nowhere and has no awards. He is also not as scary as he looks. fritzware.com/ johntustinpoetry is a link to his poetry online.

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