Much Like Oppenheimer’s Dilemna by Cheryl Hicks

my intent is not
to make light, but
isn’t this everything?
isn’t it ever
this urge to press

my mouth
against your

isn’t it always
inevitably explosive?

Cahoodaloodaling - Cheryl Hicks Cheryl Hicks is a writer and artist working in East Texas. She has had poetry and creative nonfiction published extensively and internationally. She has been a featured poet on several websites, the featured blogger at the Albany Poetry Workshop, is a previous recipient of the Paddock Poetry Award, and presented poems from her series titled Conversations with the Virgin at the 2006 Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference in Tucson, Arizona. Hicks has had stories and poems published in many journals, including Crate, Halfway Down the Stairs, Southern Hum, The Best of the First Line: Editors’ Picks 2002-2006, Families: The Frontline of Pluralism, The Remembrance Project at Howard University, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Other Poetry, Juice, Poems-For-All, Literal Translations, Toward the Light, The Sigurd Journal, Ginosko, Eskimo Pie, Urban Spaghetti, Blue Fifth Review, Heliotrope, Makar, Snakeskin, HerCircle, The Orphan Leaf Review, the delinquent, Autumn Sky Poetry, Silent Actor, Avatar Review, Word Riot, Clockwise Cat, Halfway Down the Stairs, Monkey Kettle, Washington Literary Review, Shakespeare’s Monkey Review, and Unquiet Desperation.

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