little worlds by Art Heifetz

in Jonah’s little world
as cozy as a fire
the trains have painted faces
you wave to them
Hi Thomas
and they wink back
chugging up the mountain
with boxcars full of toys
for the patient girls and boys
on the other side

my aging SUV
a dowager named Goldy
takes us to a pond
where Mr. Turtle and the heron
sit conversing on a log
I do believe he’s grown
the turtle says
nodding in our direction
the heron flaps his giant wings
in thunderous assent
and bids us both adieu

at the pool
when we’re not invisible
he is a hammerhead
lunging at my chest
and I a great white
nibbling at his toes.
my bag, I tell him
with my poor sight
I thought you were a seal

and if Mimi saw him now
her smile would illuminate
the darkest winter sky
on her yahrzeit
when he lights the wick
of the wax-filled glass
and tells you that
she’s gone into the candle
you swear you can see
her reflection
dancing in his eyes
it must be the little world
they share

Art Heifetz Bio Pic Art Heifetz teaches ESL to refugees in Richmond, Va. He has had over 60 poems published in the U.S., Canada, France, Australia, Argentina and Israel. He is a returning contributor to cahoodaloodaling. Please visit him at





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