Biblical Imbecility by Laura Taylor

i finished my bible today
finished revelations

i’m waiting for the lord to come
cos i’m an idolayter

and sexually immoral
but not so much a dog

i’m waiting for the wrath to fall
with gog and mr gog

magog?! magog! my kingdom for magog

issue #8 - Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor

Award-winning poet Laura Taylor is a regular performer at festivals, gigs, and fundraisers. A gobby Northerner with a penchant for upsetting the apple cart, she is also a vehement Socialist. She has been writing and performing for just over two years, and has been widely published. She doesn’t get chucked out of pubs anymore now that she rants from the stage instead. Result.

Laura’s poem, “I Swear,” was published in our fourth issue, The Potty Mouth’d Rebellion.


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