Mr. Bubble Snot by Ed Via

Sometimes when I have a cold
And I’m feeling kind of crappy
There’s a little friend I have
Who comes to make me happy

I call him Mr. Bubble Snot
He lives up in my nose
And if I sniff and snuff just right
He comes outside and grows

You never know how long he’ll stay
It changes with each breath
And though he is a friend of mine
He scares Grandpa to death

He likes to play at hide and seek
He’s here and then he’s not
He can be yellow, green, or clear
Or kind of apricot

So next time you feel clammy
With a fever, chills or flu
Could be that Mr. Bubble Snot
Will come and visit you

Issue #8 - Ed Via

Ed Via

Ed Via is a retired university librarian who’s been writing poems from birth, but has only recently begun to explore the exotic world of the published author. His poems are a reflection of his inner desire to have remained in the womb for life. He currently spends his days hanging out with his 2 dachshunds, Red and Guinness, and playing the bagpipe. He often sits and thinks about his life, but sometimes he just sits. He moisturizes daily, especially his shins, which are hairless . . . some kind of genetic thing.

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