unvalorous by Rachel Nix

a handful of horses
offer safe passage
to the course entered
by you, in search
of your legacy.

a warrior, you are
ready to ravage
and claim as yours
the conquest of a lifetime,
or just,
a brevity in victory.

a ribbed sort of cage,
covering that which seeks
protects against
the breeding of proof
and valor.

you are a fool
for knowing not
your reputation
shall be your achilles heel.

we live
in a decidedly
trojan era.

28th_by_fuzzyhoser-d4xxtf5Rachel Nix knows the editors of this publication and was deeply hurt when they declined her work previously. You could say she was damaged, even. Sure she would never be published by anyone ever again, she was soon published by other people and laughed a little on the inside. If you’re reading this now, then it means she’s won; she has conquered Raquel and Kate’s taste and will be sure to brag all over the Internet. Her previously published work can be found at The Legendary, Wordsmiths, and A Sharp Piece of Awesome; all places where she has showed more humility.

Rachel previously guest edited our fifth issue, Love Poems.

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