Issue 9 Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

We’ve made some changes to our formatting, and will now be posting our newest prompts under our “Current Prompt” page, which we will be updating shortly with our next issue’s prompt, which will be “Inspired by the Artist.”

Our Speculative Issue was a blast to read submissions for, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve selected, which ranges from the more traditional science fiction to the more silly and absurd. Please feel free to leave comments for our cahoodaloodaliers to read.

Lastly, we wish to apologize for the delay. Word press wouldn’t allow us to insert photos on the 31st, and we just didn’t want to publish our issue without them, but two days later and we still haven’t managed to get them to work. So this go around, we’ll be sans photos, which is really a shame. Just take our word for it: this issue is full of lovely people.

-Raquel and Kate

EDIT: We’re happy to say that now our issue includes some lovely contributor pictures.

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