Jazz Fusion Bolero by Sophie Jupillat

“Jazz Fusion Bolero” was inspired by Ravel’s Bolero piece.

When Sophie Jupillat was four years old, she declared, “I want to be a writer.” When she was six years old, she asked to play a musical instrument and learned piano. From an early age Sophie pursued her love for these two arts: she wrote her first poem when she was eight, and has been writing poems, novellas, novels and plays ever since. She started composing at the age of 13 and now has 30+ orchestral works under her belt. She enjoys innovating her art and seeking inspiration from the richly eclectic world around her. She dips into many genres in her writing: gothic, sci-fi, drama, historical romance; and for music, she experiments with classical, jazz, and ethnic. She studied writing and music at Rollins College. Sophie’s diverse works have been featured in Scriblerus (Greenville’s Literary College Journal), The Halcyon, Festival Writer, cahoodaloodaling, Art Saves Lives International, Masque and Spectacle, and Perspectives.


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