Lunar by Winston Plowes

POEM - Winston_Plowes-LUNAR

The moon’s surface,
including mountain heights
may be cleaned with a damp cloth
to keep it free of dust and grit.

To find position
look up on the great circle.
Starting from this point
go along the meridianum
towards the north
to the edge.

Source notes

Image – Front cover from The Moon, It’s geology and geography. P.J. Adams. The Geological Museum, London. Her Majesty’s Stationery office. 1968.

Text – Cut-out erasure from a loose piece of card. Seemingly unconnected with the book but found between its pages when purchased from a second hand bookstore, Manchester Nov 2013.

Winston_Plowes-W_Plowes Teacher, compere, performer and poet, Winston Plowes spends his days fine-tuning background noise and rescuing discarded words. These are re-sculpted over a glass of wine into poetry birds he releases by night to fly to new homes in poetry journals and online destinations worldwide.

He lives in a floating home in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire UK, were he tries to persuade his two black cats that it’s a good idea for them to do the same. For more, visit him at



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One thought on “Lunar by Winston Plowes

  1. Char March

    Great stuff, Winston! I love the idea of The Clangers all very busy cleaning the Moon surface with damp cloths. I am currently writing a pamphlet of Moon poems so this struck a chord. C x


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