“Make Us Laugh” Contributing Editor Announcement

Jorge Martinez with the Chicago skyline.

Jorge Martinez with the Chicago skyline.

Martinez will be joining the editorial board for issue #8, “Make Us Laugh.”

Jorge  was born and raised in Chicago but currently resides in the suburbs of Illinois, which is about as dull as it sounds, though he does love his boyfriend and their menagerie of housepets. Jorge’s a rather unaccomplished writer who’s currently more focused on getting his career in order but plans to make something of his work so he will not have wasted so many hours editing. While he does not declare himself an expert on humor (and is rather straight-laced and uptight, according to our reliable sources*), he is very sarcastic and loves dry, satirical humor or downright slapstick nonsense. Unintentional humor is another genre he deeply enjoys, so if anyone wants to write the script to a B-movie slasher, he will be more than happy to read it and even act in it, provided you pay for his transportation to the set.**


**Not really


Submissions due: 5/18/13

Selected Poems to be published: 5/31/13 (or thereabouts)

We’re going to leave this wide open: make us laugh. Keep in mind that an inside joke will probably leave us scratching our noggins, but we enjoy anything from silly to raunchy to a dry sarcastic tone.

Please review our submission guidelines before submitting.


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