Medicine by Tomas Bird & The Madman’s Cabaret

Tomas BirdTomas Bird was born in Scotland in 1983. He is an only child, tall, tattooed and scruffy from the neck up. To date, Bird has released an album called The Cut and an E.P., Three Glasses a Day for Good Health and Lively Blood, with his former band The Blonde Spirit. In 2015, he released another E.P. called Blemished Bone & Ink and in 2016 has catapulted into the digital ether Medicine, The Jam Jar Sessions, and a collaborative project with his long term music making brother, Mike Geist called Burden. The ongoing project being recorded in the Limoseum – which is the name of his other brothers shed – is progressing, in Birds sometimes broad Fife brogue, “pure dead braw.” Lastly, Tomas has released two collections of poetry entitled Shallow Sea and Hot Moon.

The Madman’s Cabaret is a joint venture between Bird and a revolving door of collaborative musicians. Mike Geist assisted recording and laying down parts for Medicine. Other Madman Cabaret collaborators include Fly Jackson from Fly Jackson and Limo Cunningham from Big Cloud.



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