New Staff Member! Prasanna Surakanti, Feature Contributor

IMG_1215cahoodaloodaling is excited to announce that Prasanna Surakanti, from our third issue, is joining our staff as a feature contributor!

Prasanna’s work has previously appeared in Terracotta Typewriter, Ignite, Orion headless, Urban Confustions, Magic Cat Press, The Applicant, The BluePrint Review, Spillway, cahoodaloodaling, the anthology Something’s Brewing (Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2014), and the collaborative chapbook The Motion in Motive, among others.

Prasanna’s reader self is best summed up by the first few paragraphs of Ben Dolan’s essay, “Crafting a Nonfiction Ending When Your Subject Isn’t Dead Yet.”

When she is not tweeting about something great that she just read, she is looking for that something that prompts her to write. To find out how those missions end, read our review of her collection Family Forever.

If you are in the Baltimore area Mid Feb-March, her collaborative work with artist Janet Little Jeffers in The Light Ekphrastic will be on display at David Mikow Art Gallery.



“Prasanna’s Parrot Picks & Prompts” will spotlight work from our sister journals at Sundress Publications: Pretty Owl Poetry, Rogue Agent, Stirring, and Wicked Alice.

Much like the astrology practiced in Telangana in which a parrot is used to pick some cards as luck for the customer, Prasanna hopes her picks will bring luck (and inspiration) to our readers.

Our first installment of “Prasanna’s Parrot Picks & Prompts” will be out at the end of the month!


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