Position Filled! cahoodaloodaling seeks Fiction/NonFiction Reader

cahoodaloodaling banner 2015cahoodaloodaling is an online quarterly journal founded in 2012. As a collaborative journal, our quarterly issues are shaped by an eclectic staff and a revolving guest editor. Our calls for submissions, molded by our guest editors, are based on either a theme or a writing style. As such, our issues are ever-changing and our style ever-evolving. We seek to fill one reader position to work directly with our fiction and nonfiction editor, Anastasia Olashaya-Grill. Of course, our new team member will have opportunities to interact and work with other members of our international staff, as well as our contributors and guest editors. Minimum age requirement is 16; no maximum. Position is a one year/four issue commitment for 2016, with the possibility to extend.



-Weekly reading and voting of our slush pile in Submittable.
-Site content to be determined based on applicant’s personal strengths and interests. Options include, but are not limited to: promoting our published work and authors, conducting interviews/roundtables, writing book reviews, or providing craft/commentary pieces for our blog. Genre and media mixing OK. (See Orooj’s Throwback Thursdays on our FB page)

Preferred Qualifications:

-Good literary citizenship.
-A strong sense of self as a reader. (Knowledge of contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and/or theater a plus.)
-Reliable computer access and an internet connection.
-We’d especially welcome readers from African, East Asian, or South American countries, whose perspectives we feel are currently underrepresented on our staff. (The demographics of our staff currently being: Six Americans, one Canadian, and one Pakistani.)
-Being bilingual or a polyglot is a plus, but not a requirement.

We believe that experiencing publishing from both working behind the scenes at a journal and by submitting to journals is important for our team members. While we do not require applicants to have published work prior to applying, we do ask that all applicants be interested in seeking publication themselves. (We can help!)

To apply, please send a letter (500-1000 words) detailing your interest in the position to the Managing Editor, Raquel Thorne, at cahoodaloodaling@gmail.com. Each applicant is asked to address the question: What does being a “good literary citizen” mean to you? Please also tell us who you are as a reader: Who are you reading, and why? Conversely, and perhaps more importantly: What are your personal prejudices as a reader? (As an example: Raquel Thorne, the managing editor, is strongly prejudiced against work that sentimentalizes individuals as “angels”. And ghost metaphors. But all the dinosaur poems get her vote.) Include a brief writing sample of 5-15 pages—reviews, argumentative essays, or interviews preferred. And, of course, please tell us about yourself as an individual outside of the literary community.


While we only have space for one reader, additional roles may be created to suit excess, promising applicants. Prior to applying, please read our current issue.


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