Prompt #3 – Six Word Stories & Twitter Poems

Prompt #3 Submissions are due by 7/31/12.

Selected submissions to be published 9/1/12.

What can you do with 6 words?  140 characters?  Let’s keep it short – we want your 6 Word Stories and Twitter Poems.

For this prompt (and this prompt only) we will be accepting up to five pieces (submit once only please) – so make us laugh, cry, laugh again and then maybe go on a homicidal rampage.  Use what few words you have wisely.

Six Word Story

Write a story using six words.

See?  That’s not so hard.  Now write a good one, I’ll leave that up to you.  Just no cheating.  Your title is a title, not the beginning of your story, so you don’t get five extra words.

Eg:  “ cahoodaloodaling requested from me
a rock hard six word story”  is not going to fly.

Here are a couple of wonderful examples pulled from

You + I. A tragic miscalculation.
~Nicolovius C.

One wrong move. Two impaled movers.
~R Potleys

Fortune cookie reads: That wasn’t chicken.
~Curtis Bryan

Morning embarrassment preferred to nighttime loneliness.

Poison; meditation; skiing; ants– nothing worked.
~Edward Albee

From torched skyscrapers, men grew wings.
~Gregory Maguire

Twitter Poems

Twitter poems are up to 140 characters.  Again, with the cheating titles, I’m on to you.

A Red Tulip
opens and drops her yellow sex on my kitchen counter. I cross my legs and write poetry.
– Linda Leedy Schneider

The Name
I remembered the name of the lilac tree years after you told me.

I’m sorry I never retained plant names. Only shades, and shapes.

Our whitewashed wall was once my favourite but even that is fading.
Nora Nadjarian

Low Pay Piecework
The fifth-grade teacher and her followers— Five classes, twenty-eight in each, all hers: One-hundred-and-forty different characters.
Robert Pinsky

Linda & Nora’s poems can be found at


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