Prompt #4 – The Potty Mouth’d Rebellion

I’m sure some have noticed the delay on both our last issue and this prompt.  Our publication is still up and running, and we hope that we will be able to get back to a more regular schedule, but due to illness, we are bumping out the next issue to be published 10/1 and our next prompt to not be due until the end of September.

The show will go on and I promise we will get to every submission sent to us.



Welcome my cahoodaloodaliers to the Potty Mouth’d Rebellion.

Submissions due: 9/30/12

Selected submissions to be published: 10/31/12 (or there abouts)

Our fourth edition will not be an issue to show your grandmother, unless your grandmother just happens to be Betty White, at which point, please note me.  We can do lunch.

Give us your unapologetic explicatives, your dirty prepositions, your fucks, your cunts, and your non-timid sonsofbitches.  It’s truly that simple.

If you need some further direction for your indiscretions, please read some of our favorites below:

“Dear Feet, You look like shit. Have you been using again? Being bloody and cut up all the time is scaring the other tenants. If you don’t get yourself together, we’re going to have to ask you to leave. Happy Holidays, The Management

Dear Thighs, LOSE SOME WEIGHT YOU FAT FUCKS You’re disgusting, The Management

Dear Soul, You don’t even have a lease with us. Please evacuate the premises immediately. What the fuck, The Management”

from Signed, The Management by Andi Kato

Star Anise

the beastly lover has rough and salty hands, spreads her cunt like a star

printed with permission by Emily May

“What if I go to heaven? she asked with a hint of a grin on her mouth. I laughed stood up and slipped into my jeans. Oh please, I said, You don’t want to go there.
Why not? she asked as I took the gun out of her hand and told her patting her ass, Because the music sucks they won’t let you dance and you can’t get cock like this in heaven.”

from Suicide and Spanish Omelettes by Cisco Kid

I hope my good old asshole holds out 60 years it’s been mostly OK Tho in Bolivia a fissure operation     survived the altiplano hospital– a little blood, no polyps, occasionally a small hemorrhoid active, eager, receptive to phallus     coke bottle, candle, carrot    banana & fingers –

from Sphincter by Allen Ginsberg


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