Relativity – Meet the Actors

JD Brice

Unable to escape the clutches of full time Corporate America, JD Brice seeks escape through a microphone and an ever-full coffee pot. With little more than YouTube and Wikipedia for training, he seeks to become as important in life as he is in his own head. Sometimes called a living cartoon character, he can often be found writing (while wondering why his cat is asking for attention). JD Brice has most recently done work on YouTube for himself at the JDBriceProductions channel, as well as voice work for the Relativity series. Everything else is unreleased or merely a wild idea. JD Brice can be reached at

See our interview with JD Brice below.

Angela Steeves

Ever since she could pick up a pencil, Angela Steeves has been drawing anything she could on whatever she could.  Doodles in the margins of her homework, portraits in the middle of grocery lists, painting butterflies on people’s faces…  Nothing was safe from her and whatever artistic tool was in her hand.  In addition to visual art, she has also been known to write, be it small dribbles or lengthy novel chapters. Angela now lives with her husband Kevin in Alberta, Canada, and still draws on everything, though she’s been forbidden from putting murals on the walls anymore.  You can find her finished doodles, commission prices, and examples of her written work at her deviantART.

Randolph Castellanos

Randolph Castellanos, otherwise known as Kyzer Aqueron, is a voice actor in training from Puerto Rico. Born in the United States, his dream is to one day become a full-fledged voice actor and make as many people smile by creating a wide variety of voices for roles of all types. Randolph currently studies in the University of the Sacred Heart in the Sound Production field. His voice has been featured in “The Seer,” “Creepypasta Chronicles,” and “Relativity”. You can find Randolph at his deviantART and YouTube pages.

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Interview with JD Brice, narrator and voice actor for Ulysses David in the Lost & Found Trailer.

Raquel Thorne: We’ll start with the important question: How do you like your coffee?

JD Brice: Usually, I take it sweet, creamy and strong, as it bolsters me for working the night shift. The drip coffeemaker gets a lot of abuse. On the weekends, I switch to coffee I roast at home, brewed in a french press. Nothing makes a coffee lover smile like fresh-roasted coffee.

RT: Tell us a little about how you started working as a voice actor.

JDB: My first serious stab at voice work was an audio presentation I did for an essay I wrote, called “Three Great Things About Conan.” I had fun with it, but it was all one take, with a sock over a web mic, and a sound board program for background sounds. I was also inspired by seeing how much voice work Mark Hamill has been involved with. This led me to more serious work on YouTube, with a small but loyal fan base urging me on.

RT: How were you first introduced to Relativity?

JDB: Here I have to blame my girlfriend. She follows Relativity on DeviantART. She knew how I was looking to find some serious work in voice acting, since I had not yet done voice work for anyone but myself. I love the idea of the series, as a “hero drama.” I tried out for a few roles. I now get to do the narration, as well as several other roles.

RT: Which Relativity character is your favorite and (without giving any plot spoilers) why? Do you have a favorite episode?

JDB: I am ashamed to say I have not read the series. However, I believe it works better for me to have all of my direction come from Michelle and Jim, so I can work within their ideas and visions for the series without any of my own forming, and possibly interfering. However, I am fond of one character I am voicing: Yule. Much of why would contain many spoilers, but I feel like he’d be a man who would wear the past on his face, no matter how much he hid it.

RT: I’m not sure if Michelle and Jim have told you, but Ulysses’ back story quickly made him my favorite good guy. I was pretty geeked about your interpretation. How did you go about developing Yule’s voice?

JDB: Yule has been a challenge for me. My voice is not naturally that deep. Plus, doing the narration at the same time often has me wanting to forget the roughness of Yule’s words. The way I finally got his voice was by being physically tired. I found myself awake for over twenty-four hours, had been around a lot of smoking and had to sleep soon. I was finally able to nail not only his voice, but the emotion of the moment. I am just hoping that, in future takes, I can capture Yule’s essence without weariness and allergies.

RT: Other than your YouTube channel and additional Relativity work, do you have any other upcoming voice acting roles? Are you open for hire or just for collaborating on other work?

JDB: Currently, I have no other planned voiceover work in the immediate future, though the whim of fate and free time tends to change that. I am most certainly available for future voice work. I invite anyone interested in using my voice to contact me. I typically do narration, character acting, and limited character singing, but I am open to negotiation.