Revisiting Dreamworlds by Eddy Martin Graham


Eddy Martin GrahamEddy Martin Graham is a 2nd year Visual Arts Student at Vancouver Island University. He has been involved with art exhibitions with Electric Umbrella Tattoo & Gallery (2014) and The View Gallery (2015 & 2016), and performed live art for the Vancouver Island Film Festival (2014 & 2015). His most recent exhibition, “Love is a dog from hell: Artwork By Eddy Martin Graham” was shown in The Vault Cafe in Nanaimo, BC, Canada this May. His clothing company Rebel Artium (latin for rebel with the arts) will feature artwork on tshirts and jackets with 20% of the proceeds going towards Art Lab in downtown Nanaimo, where it will help to fund/and or buy children’s art classes for children who’s families are either underfunded or cannot afford art classes. You may find him online at Eddy’s Art.


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