Safari through Southern California by Vakseen

Open Virtue

Ribbon In Her Eyes

Madam Renaissance

VakseenWhile working in the music business has played a driving force in his career, it’s Vakseen’s (born Otha Davis III) passion for the arts that has served as his key to sanity in the fast paced entertainment industry. The self-taught, Los Angeles-based artist has created a distinct painting style that fuses elements of surrealism, cubism, photorealism and fashion design. Drawing inspiration from women, emotions, and popular culture, his paintings deal with the theme of female identity and evolve around society’s idolization of beauty, the enhancements women endure to obtain this level of “perfection” and the impact this has on our society. His #Vakseenart has been selected for over 40 solo and group exhibitions in various galleries and venues throughout Los Angeles. His work has also been featured in over 45 art and literary magazines and been sold to collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide. To view more #Vakseenart, visit

“I’m invigorated by women, popular culture and the value of self. I’ve always felt they were God’s greatest creation, so my work tends to evolve around women, their natural allure and the insecurities or confidence created by Pop culture. More specifically, I touch on our society’s idolization of beauty. I can’t imagine being a woman in this world. Everywhere you turn you have these “perfect” images that are supposed to represent an image the average woman can relate to. Everything has to be perfect. If you’re not perfect, there’s always plastic surgery, Botox, makeup, jewelry or fashion accessories to provide some sort of remedy. I think my work is simply a reflection of the surreal, superficial times we live in and I want to suck you into my world, even if it’s just for a brief moment. I want my work to consistently spark complex dialogue and most importantly captivate the viewer’s senses.”



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