Sam Singleton, Assistant Poetry Editor

Sam Singleton 2


Sam was born in Tennessee, but she’d rather not admit it unless you’re talking about Tennessee’s incredible state park system or the abundance of hiking trails. She’d rather spend her days along the coast with a book in hand or looking through the window of a train going anywhere while life floats by.





Sam Singleton 1When she is in Tennessee, she spends her time simultaneously handling the rivers of tears and the endless creative energy coming from her multiculturally diverse school population. She helps run the school yearbook, advocates for and is in the process of creating literary journals for a middle and high school, and, best of all, gets to nerd out about books and writing all day. When not at work, her daily activities include running with an 80-pound cow-dog, working on her ever-growing “to-read” list, and creating a plan to get as close to NWSL teams and the USWNT as possible.

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