Shards by Laura Yevchak

It is believed in Slovak tradition that the shards that are not found by the bride after breaking a ceremonial plate used in the wedding celebration represent how much infidelity will exist in her marriage.

Perhaps they shimmer somewhere under a linen tablecloth.

Inextinguishably – try, you can’t crush them – beautiful

Vestiges of the broken world because in that unbearable excitement, you weren’t watching

where you placed your weight

a hand:

smooth ringlets of hair caught in the folds of his fingers

weight caught in slivers of broken porcelain

You know they aren’t easily cleaned up

It is as if they have vanished. How do they do that? Matter cannot just

disappear from the universe

Neither can endorphins

That inescapable swelling presence

In the knotty place just below the jaw

And I am that shard


Why don’t you tie a babushka around your ears?

Place your gaze downward

Put that dustpan to the dirty dance floor

For later, you will smash plates in one shapeless memory

(frustration, elation, anger, bliss: same things)

The product: shards

Did you really think you would find each hiding piece?

Laura YevchakLaura Yevchak enjoys interacting with tomorrow’s writers as high school English teacher in Sidman, Pennsylvania. She obtained a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in English Education, and continued her education by earning a Master’s of Arts in the teaching of English. Laura often writes about the heritage and culture of Western Pennsylvania, in particular Eastern European ancestry.


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