“SLAM IT!” Contributing Editor Announcement – Submissions Still Open!

I’m excited to announce that our guest editor for issue #13 – SLAM IT! is Lalli. We’re still open for submissions through the end of June, so check out our submission call here.



Lalli is the co-founder/entertainment chair of the Phoenix Festival of the Arts, creator and host of Infuse – Open Mic, 3-time author, and is one of Phoenix’s veteran spoken word artists. He uses his gift for poetry as a form of motivational speaking and believes a person does not need to have money to give back to their community. He utilizes his abilities, voice, and networks to their fullest potential in an attempt to make our world a better place. He can be found at: www.lalli-poet.com.


Take a minute to listen to one of Lalli’s messages, then submit your own. Preach it! Speak it! SLAM IT!


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