“Speculative” Contributing Editor Announcement (and Such)

We are pleased to announce (and a bit tardy due to some vacations) that our contributing editor for our Speculative Issue will be Najia Khaled. Keep sending in your submissions until July 17th!

Najia Khaled

Najia Khaled

Najia Khaled is a poetess who enjoys reading, playing ukulele, and drinking more tea than is probably strictly good for you. She attends University of Rochester and is working on a double major in English literature and astrophysics, the latter of which finds ways to sneak into her poetry rather often.

She can be found devouring the poetry of Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Sandra Cisneros, and Edna St. Vincent Millay at all hours of the night in all manner of strange and indecent clothing. Her hair is rarely the same colour two weeks in a row, which she claims is due to her identity as a Metamorphmagus, but her closest friends swear that they have found empty bottles of Manic Panic in her rubbish bin. She rejects the strict and oppressive beauty standards of the modern day in favour of the strict and oppressive beauty standards of 200 years ago, which is exactly as pretentious as it sounds.

She has been published by Creative Communication, Anthology of Poetry, Inc., and Word Smiths, among others, but the best place to find her is at http://toxic-nebulae.deviantart.com/. Some say that she can be invoked by sprinkling glitter over a field of wildflowers at dawn, but these rumours have yet to be confirmed.


We are also excited two announce two new staff members, who are coming on board as additional readers!

Ben Walls graduated with a double BA in English and History from a small college in Hattiesburg, MS. He has written poetry and prose for many years, and has recently begun sending his work out for publication. He has been a reader and assistant to several MFA candidates. He is honored and excited to be trusted as a reader for Cahoodaloodaling.

Rachel Nix

Rachel Nix

Rachel Nix grew up in the Deep South of Alabama, still residing a stone’s throw away from her childhood stomping grounds. Despite an irrational fear of frogs, she’s declared herself content with living in the boonies. She does, however, like taking road trips and seeing what hasn’t found the South just yet. On a more personal note, Rachel is poorly behaved and should fit in nicely here at cahoodaloodaling.

Oh and she’s been published at these fine places: A Sharp Piece of Awesome, Wordsmiths, The Legendary, cahoodaloodaling, and vox poetica.


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