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In Cahoots Contest Winners 2014

In Cahoots Contest Winner 2014:
The Meek by Justin Hudnall & Brian Simpson


1st Runner Up:2nd PlaceSCENE & SAID by Stanko & LS Bassen

2nd Runner Up:

7 - Image 1The Last Groove by Andrei Guruianu & Teknari


Honorable Mentions:

Apartment Building A
by Christine Testa & Tracy Pumfrey

Temple of Isis
by Jade Pandora & Elan Hickler

It’s a Long, Long Way to the Champs Élysée
by Paul Lavrakas and Kim Peter Kovac

Thank You For Your Contribution… and Your Check
by Susan Levi Wallach & Flavian Mark Lupinetti

Bonus Free Download: FourPlay
by Straw Mat Writers:
Angelique Stevens, Maria Brandt, Elizabeth Johnston & Pam Emigh-Murphy

About our Guest Judges

Michelle & James Lehmann are a husband & wife writing team. Experts at collaboration both between themselves and with artists, we featured their project, Relativity, in our first Special Feature. They have recently self-published their fifth book.

Michelle Lehmann

Michelle Lehmann, a/k/a Mirz, is a mom, author and digital artist who lives in a suburb of Chicago. A secretary by day, she spends her nights wiping runny noses, pushing pixels, and trying to save the world — all of which she does while consuming ungodly amounts of coffee. Inspired by a love of the short stories of Ray Bradbury, her writing career (if one would call it that) has been planted firmly in the speculative genre, with works mainly in science-fiction, fantasy, and goofy smiley stories. Since her dreams of becoming a superhero never took flight, she did the next best thing and created the fiction serial, Relativity, which can read at Blacktorrent.us. She recently had her first works formerly published in the profits-for-charity anthology, Cat Tails: A Collection of Littpurrature. Her other works, which she assures no animals were harmed during the creation of, can be found on various sites around the web, including deviantart.com, mirz.us, and bitmapworld.com.

James LehmannJames Lehmann, a/k/a Ravenswd started crafting stories as soon as he was able to hold a pen, but never finished anything until he acquired his Apple II computer — leading to a love of writing literature and computer code. A freelance computer programmer by profession, he is mostly a stay-at-home dad who gets a ton of inspiration from his kids and TV Tropes. He has a particular love of science-fiction and most of his works have been in that genre. Creating the character of Ravenswood Cadavre (because the name sounded cool), he never imagined it would lead him on a speculative writing journey that would span over 20 years and result in the superhero serial, Relativity, which he produces with his wife. He is also a connoisseur of webcomics, even co-creating one of his own with the emoticon strip, Bitmapworld. His works have appeared in several small publications you probably have never heard of, including The Torch and The Fiction Primer. Most of his writing and digital works can be found on Blacktorrent.us and deviantArt.com.