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Issue #22 – Of Distance and Discord

What then are the seeds of non-spatial distance? That which isolates one from the world? The haunting pieces in cahoodaloodaling’s Winter 2017 edition attempt to unearth the answer…

Read the full guest editor letter from Sade Andria Zabala.

Of Distance and Discord Cover

Guest Editor’s Spotlight:
This Is a Serious Consideration by Megan Merchant

Ourland by Sue Hyon Bae

Drifting Across Town on the Top Deck by Vicky Waters

Wrong Number by Michael Brockley

Freeway Sex by Alexis Rhone Fancher

To Gorgeous, Love Sis by Chuck Nwoke

All-American Roommate by M. Wright

Kansas by Ana Prundaru

Elizabeth’s Request by Maggie Blake Bailey

Brieftrager by Robert Bharda Ward

Below the Line by Ryan Harper

How to Drive Across the Country by Vivian Wagner

No Eyes by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam & Peter Brewer

L’aurore by Meg Drummond-Wilson

Tarots & Irony by Klarisse Medina

Our Escape by Diana Hurlburt

In-Season by Wendy Elizabeth Ingersoll

She Called Me a Dirty Jew by Phyllis Wax

The Favorite by Kelly Flynn

Some Place Not Here by Jessica Barksdale

Cover Art: Of Distance and Discord by Julie Chua

Rachel Nix Interviews Shinjini Bhattacharjee

Review of Dream Job: Wacky Adventures of an HR Manager by Janet Garber

About Our Guest Editor
Sade Andria ZabalaSade Andria Zabala is a Filipina mermaid living in Denmark.

She is the author of poetry books WAR SONGS and Coffee & Cigarettes (Thought Catalog Books, 2016). Her writing has appeared on Literary Orphans, Words Dance Publishing, Hooligan Magazine, and more.

When she’s not busy watching Survivor or having a knife fight with her anxiety, she writes for Thought Catalog. Follow her Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram.


Now on Tap: Submission Calls September 2016

Home Brews

Homebrew: Issue #22 – Of Distance and Discord

“It is wicked & useless, — all these months & months apart from you, all these years with only a glimpse of you in the face of everybody. —Edna St. Vincent Millay

“Distance was a dangerous thing, she knew. Distance changed people.” —Rohinton Mistry

We calculate a stretch of space in kilometers and miles, but sometimes distance is constructed invisibly within society and relationships. From lovers in bed falling out of love, to immigrants assimilating into a new language and culture, to lack of accessibility creating inaccessibility for those with disabilities—distance persists even when physical length is absent.

For cahoodaloodaling’s winter 2017 issue, give us literary and visual art about what isolates you from other people. Give us burned bridges, diaspora, visa stamps, i-miss-yous, anxiety meds, awkward frustrations, and ugly-crying loneliness.

Tell us what your distance is made of. We want to see the spaces that don’t exist to the naked eye, and the spaces that do. Come those with long distance: expats, nomads, overseas workers; come those who experience distance through societal constructs, through privilege and disadvantage; come armed with people made for leaving—everyone is welcome. So think “Distance in Translation”; think “The Art of Separation”; think “Distance up Close.”

The distance between people have untold stories often left to hang open. In this issue, we want you to close the gap.

Submissions due 12/17/16. Guest Editor Sade Andria Zabala. Issue live 1/31/17.



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The Afterlife of Discarded Objectsa digital collective storytelling project that curates and archives memories about playing with, collecting, preserving, or making art from what we might label as trash, waste, or unwanted itemsis looking for nonfiction narratives, personal essay/memoir, diary entries, short stories. Contributions can be of any length from a brief recollection (either from childhood or adulthood) of your experience with and memories about a particular object or collection of objects (simply an “I remember when…” kind of entry) to a lengthier piece that takes the shape of an essay or story. Currently no submission deadline. More information at theafterlifeofdiscardedobjects.com.

Pokémon Anthology—edited by Rob Stephens. We are looking for superb poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art that is inspired by, reacting to, imitating, or otherwise related to Pokémon. Perhaps you write acrostic poems using the names of Pokémon, or non-fiction about how those Pokémon Go kids have taken over your favorite skate park, or fiction inspired by Team Rocket. However closely or weakly associated with Pokémon your work may be, we are interested so long as it is stellar. We encourage parody and criticism of Pokémon. We are not looking for fan fiction, or anything else that might make the good people at Nintendo or Pokémon angry with us. This would include stories in which people or Pokémon are characters, or poems in the voice of Pokémon or Pokémon characters. Submissions due 12/31/16. Read more & submit at pokemonanthology.weebly.com.

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