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New Staff Member! Shirley Xu, Visual Arts Assistant

A warm welcome to Shirley Xu, our new Visual Arts Assistant!


Chibi Shirley

Shirley is a teenage girl living in the United States. She was born in China to a completely Chinese family. Despite that, her Chinese skills are extremely limited.

When she isn’t loaded with schoolwork, she loves to draw and critique art. She also loves to learn languages, browse the web, and see what people around DeviantArt are drawing. She is easily distracted and will rant about small things.

She has been drawing since second grade, and has had a few private classes during middle school and various school art classes. She finds, however, that improvement came just as quickly without classes as it did with classes.

As for writing, well– Shirley prefers to write simple poetry with simple vocabulary, incorporating linguistic nuances. She finds that her poems usually tend to be very hard to translate for that reason. But Shirley isn’t here to be a writer; she is on the art side.

We’re excited to have Shirley on board for our  The Animal Becomes Us and future issues!



We’ve sent out all our acknowledgements for “The Repeat Review,” so if you did not get an email back from us that we got your submission, please contact us immediately!  We’ve begun our reading round and want to make sure that we consider all works submitted prior to our 3/31/14 cutoff. The issue will go live at the end of April. Issue #13 – Slam it! is still open for submissions, and we will be opening up submissions for issue #14 soon! Also, we’re currently on Twitter and Facebook and would love to hear from you between issues.

In the meantime, we are working on some site updates, so if you see cahoodaloodaling go down between now and the end of the month, don’t worry. We are alive and well and are simply working to bring our readers the highest quality issues we can.


“Slam It” Call for Submissions – A special Slam & Spoken Word issue.

Video and audio submissions strongly preferred, but we will also consider written poetry and short prose that fit the spirit of “Spoken Word.”

Audio: Please submit audio as an MP3 attachment. Any selected audio pieces will be turned into a YouTube video, much like our prize winners’, and will be hosted on our YouTube channel.

Video: Already have yours published on your YouTube channel or elsewhere? Please include a direct link in your submission. We happily accept previously published work or recorded performances. Currently unpublished videos may also be sent as an attachment.

Shy? Please consider having a friend or fellow artist record your piece for you. We adore collaborations.

Questions or concerns? Please query.

Submissions due 6/30/14.  Issue live 7/31/14.