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Issue #15 – Travelogue

Travelogue Cover Final
Travel Genre, an Essay

by Jim Ross

Guest Editor Spotlight
Pale Blue Dot
by Ruth Foley

Art, Poetry, & Literature

Bike Nation
by Dragos Ioneanu

by David Russomano

by Winston Plowes

The Prairie Demons
by Stephenson Muret

Twenty-seven, Twenty-four
by Maureen Alsop

From Visiting Day on the Psychiatric Ward
by Alan Catlin

This is Traverse City
by Becca Hawk

Cedar Key
by Peter Hurtgen Jr.

Safari through Southern California
by Vakseen

by Claire Ibarra

Waltz of the Romanovs
by Sophie Jupillat

by Kenneth Robbins

Olive Wood
by Linda Caldwell Lee

A Place to Call Home
by Derold Sligh

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Cover Artist: Travelogue
by Marenne Hoeksema

Kevin Rodriguez of Bop Dead City

Book Reviews


About Our Guest Editor

April Michelle Bratten HeadshotOriginally from Marrero, Louisiana, April Michelle Bratten has a BA in English from Minot State University in North Dakota, where she currently resides.

The daughter of an USAF active duty father, April grew up traveling and living across the United States and abroad. Her travels have greatly influenced her writing over the years, particularly her three year stay in Incirlik, Turkey. April adores the quiet beauty of the upper-midwest prairies, but she feels the most at home in the American deep south.

Her publications include decomP, Thrush Poetry Journal, Southeast Review, Stirring, Sheepshead Review, and Punchnel’s, among others. She is the Supreme Empress of Up the Staircase Quarterly and a contributing editor at Words Dance Publishing.

April’s next chapbook, Anne with an E, is forthcoming from dancing girl press in 2015. Her other chapbooks include Raw Dogs and Other Metaphors (Maverick Duck Press, 2012) and Drink This (Citizens for Decent Literature Press, 2012.) Her first full length poetry collection, It Broke Anyway, is available now from NeoPoiesis Press.


Guest Staff Announcement: April Michelle Bratten of UTSQ

Issue #15 – Travelogue – SUBMISSIONS OPEN

We are seeking submissions inspired by unique destinations, travel, international adventures, or simply the comforts of home. Send in your best works of “place” by the end of the year. Remember, we are open for all styles and forms of visual and audio art, poetry, literature, as well as essays, non-fiction, screenplays, collaborations and even letters home. Make us stand up and take notice.

Submissions due 12/31/14.

April Michelle Bratten Headshot About guest editor April Michelle Bratten:

April currently lives in Minot, North Dakota. Her work has been published widely in both print and online journals including Southeast Review, THRUSH Poetry Journal, Stirring, Punchnel’s, Santa Fe Literary Review, Grasslimb, decomP, and others.

She has been nominated multiple times for both the Pushcart Prize and the Sundress Publications’ Best of the Net award. April received her BA degree in English from Minot State University and she is the Supreme Empress of Up The Staircase Quarterly.

Her chapbook, Raw Dogs and Other Metaphors, was released in 2012 from Maverick Duck Press.

Her first full length collection, It Broke Anyway, is available now from NeoPoiesis Press.

April is also contributing editor for Words Dance Publishing
where she writes the regular article32readwhich highlights three poems recently published in online journals.

And remember, we’re still open for submissions for The Animal Becomes Us until 9/30/14, guest edited by Kristin Nehs, and our annual In Cahoots Collaboration Contest until 10/1/2014, guest edited by Michelle & James Lehmann.