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The “Original” Trout Family Almanac

Trout Cover

 IntroductionMap of the Known Trout Universe

Stop #1 – Mad Libidinous
by James Donovan


Stop #2 – What is Entropy?
by Lauren Belski

Trout Safety Guide


Stop #3 – Ladies, you may find me in the breast pocket
of my good tweed sport coat
by David Greenwood

Stop #4 – Neoastrology
by Wythe Marschall

Stop #5 – Baraka
by Erin Harte

Approaching Whether

Stop #6 – Commencement Coming
at the End of It All
by Stephen Aubrey

Phases of the Moon

Stop #7 – No Angels, No Avatars
by Christine Rath

Trout Sounds

Stop #8 – The Woman Who Made Her Husband Sift Dirt
by Rosemary Misdary

BUS 3Trout Test

Stop #9 – Sisters Trout
by Helen Rubenstein


Stop #10 – Saint Liz
by Gordon Ebenezer Gourd

Bus Incantation

 Stop #11 РThe Dead and Their Language
by Wythe Marschall

The Mysteries of Trouthenge

Stop #12 – Hoard
by CJ Hauser

Which Trout are You?: A Quiztionnaire

Biographies of the Extant Inhabitants of the Chateau Kilgore Trout, Brooklyn