Temple of Isis by Jade Pandora and Elan Hickler

Like papyrus blossoms
sprung from the Nile,
towering pillars stand
as a forest ablaze
with temple torch lights

While above, through crossbeams
of cedars from Lebanon
are seen constellations
that the pyramids of Giza
mapped out on an earthbound grid-

A stellar connection from the
golden seat of the Sun God,
to the darkness of the Underworld.

The One who graces this place
on such a night before the act,
whose success is sanctioned
by her utterances, comes-

The Eye of Re,
overseen by the Phallus of Osiris
in the Shrine of Sokar,
The confederacy of Seth, wherein
what is near is burning-

The stone gods bear witness
as voices are raised
to chant in solemn song
the words she speaks-

O you who are invisible,
do not await me, for I am Isis.
You found me when I had
disarranged the hair round my face
and my scalp adornments disordered.
I have become pregnant as Isis,
I have conceived as Nephthys.
Isis drives out
those who would disturb me.
The dread of me
follows after me.
My dignity is before me.
Millions bend their arms to me.
The common folk serve me.
The associates of my enemies
are destroyed for me.
The grey-haired ones
uncover their arms for me.
The well-disposed
give sweet things to me.
Those who are in Heliopolis
create things for me.
I live according to my will,
for I am Wadjet,
Lady of the Devouring Flame,
and few approach me.

Poem and recital of “Temple of Isis” by Jade Pandora as well as “Beloved of Ra” rendering included in video.

Sound effects, music, and audio compilation by Elan Hickler.


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