This Is How Two Women Have Sex [2] by Emily Blair

she shakes tools from the canvas bag
that nearly dwarfs her torso

lime press
copper mugs
adjustable harness
potato vodka

because it’s summer, we have strawberries

I don’t often eat strawberries or
drink vodka or
have sex with married people

we make drinks

silence bayed by the air conditioner
blowing on our legs                [her legs]

should I tell you
her legs are hairy?
straight people obsessed
with queer follicles

after, when we have grown cold,
she asks
if I am really wearing that skirt to dinner
.              & I say
.              yes
& two straight women at the restaurant
compliment it
& I have won

Previously published in We Are Birds

Emily Blair is an Appalachian poet and blue collar scholar currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her first chapbook of poetry, WE ARE BIRDS, was published in September 2018 from Dancing Girl Press. You can find a selection of her publications and contact information at her website,


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