Trail: Easter’s Eve 2015 by Heidi Lynn Staples

Adventure challenge:
Be the Bunny. This year the
Cliff over which belief loses its
Daily values. In bed: Mom, do you believe in the
Easter Bunny?
For sustained energy,
Get muddy,
Hell yea, Reader, damned if
I don’t. Would you
Just look at her face—
Keep in mind a kangaroo holds her young between two worlds,
Love, like that.
Mammal mama is
Net wt. is
Orgasmic milky organism, this
Percent of her
Question’s answer a
Rainforest deforestation, losing
Source? Next year, it’s all
Tear here, to be
Unsweetened, taken
Vitamins taking you a-
Way, into a bright light where trust is
X-ed out; or now, I’ll hide all the risk and liabilit-

Heidi Lynn Staples is the author of the poetry collections Guess Can Gallop, Dog Girl, Noise Event, and A**A*A*A , as well as the memoir Take Care Fake Bear Torque Cake. Her work appears in American Poetry Review, Best American Poetry, Chicago Review, Ploughshares, and elsewhere. She serves as English-language editor of the global poetry initiative Duniyaadaari, and with the poet Amy King, edited Poets for Living Waters. Staples holds the MFA from Syracuse University and the PhD from the University of Georgia. She lives with her partner and daughter in the Appalachian Highlands on Ruffner Mountain, neighbors with the imperiled tricolored bat.

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