Waltz of the Romanovs by Sophie Jupillat

Waltz of the Romanovs was inspired by the rich history of the Romanov family and the general mutual French and Russian literary and musical alliance.

When Sophie Jupillat was four years old, she declared, “I want to be a writer.” When she was six she asked for piano lessons, and there started a lifelong love for both writing and music. She wrote her first poem when she was eight, and gobbled up books and poem anthologies, also writing poems, novellas, and novels. Her poem “Black and White” was published in May 2014 in Scriblerus, Greenville’s Literary College Journal. An excerpt of her epic “The Folly of Red and Black” was published in December 2014 in the Festival Writer magazine. She has also been composing since she was twelve and to date has around 30 orchestral and piano works of many genres under her belt. One of her pieces “Waltz of the Romanovs” was performed live at her college in Nov. 2014.

She studied creative writing and poetry with fiction writer Peter Selgin, and poet Carol Frost. Under her guidance, Sophie was an intern managing Rollins College’s annual literary festival Winter with the Writers. She also had the honor of being poet Billy Collins’ student. Sophie studied music with David Vessels, and with faculty such as Rollins composer in residence Charles Archard.


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