Wind and Space by Brad G. Garber

Brad G. Garber has shown his drawings, photographs, mixed media and paintings since 1997, in the Portland and Lake Oswego, Oregon area. His art and photographs have made it onto the front cover of Vine Leaves 2014 Anthology, and in Gravel Magazine, Poor Yorick Journal, Off the Coast, Writers Tribe Review, Quail Bell, The William & Mary Review, Four Ties Literary Review, Ray’s Road Review, Two Cities Review, Cargo Literary, Jokes Literary, Vine Leaves Literary Review, The Sonder Review, The Roaring Muse, Poor Yorick Journal, Aji Magazine, The Grief Diaries, HeartMindZine, Livid Squid, The Tishman Review, Shuf Poetry, Meat for Tea, Mud Season Review, GTF Press, Third Wednesday, Crab Fat Literary Magazine, Dirty Chai, and Foliate Oak.

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