Women of Pride by Amoxes

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Amoxes is a self taught Canadian artist of Native American, French & Italian background based in Montreal. His family roots & a strong interest in every culture from around the world have inspired him in many ways in his artistic and personal evolution. After spending years of exploring, practicing and studying different styles and techniques, Amoxes is slowly creating his own signature in his art work, which will also appear in Up The Staircase Quarterly.  He chooses to paint a particular person because something about this person triggers his imagination. Facial expressions & reproducing the wanted emotion are very important. The most crucial thing in mind for Amoxes is to stay true to what he wants to express.

Amoxes writes, “I have been a painter since as long as I can remember. Art is my passion and is what gives me the daily drive. I don’t paint to receive gold medals or fame, I paint because that is what I love to do it’s as simple as that. Sharing my work, meeting and exchanging with people is important to me and I make it a priority in making sure that I keep this connection alive. In my work I like to blend in eroticism, over the years I’ve painted numerous amount of erotic art exploring different styles and ways to incorporate it in my daily artworks. Today I think my maturity is sharper with a clearer vision making my paintings erotic but not vulgar.

Besides painting, I’m a Cigar Aficionado and you can see this passion in some of my paintings. Smoking Cigars for me goes beyond just smoking a pack of leaves it’s a ritual. Music is also an important part of life as I never paint without it; I like to make the fusion between the two as it brings me into another level of inspiration.”

For commissions, contact Amoxes via email amoxesss at hotmail dot com or Facebook.



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